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The Solution stands out for its abilities to propose an integrated approach of tailored services, enriched with high added value, carefully considering the context, economic conditions and peculiarities that distinguish each business reality.



The labor administration contract allows Enterprises to take advantage of the services of one or more workers regularly hired by the Employment Agency. This type of contract can provide for a fixed-term or indefinite term.

This contractual modality provides medium- to long-term employment flexibility and is an effective tool for personnel management in collaboration with the Agency, which is responsible for all administrative, pay and social security burdens.

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Staff leasing service consists of the provision of highly qualified personnel, providing Companies with organizational flexibility and work continuity for Resources.

Staff leasing is THE appropriate SOLUTION for Companies that intend to internalize an activity or stabilize labor relations with the support of the Agency, thus saving on administrative management costs.

Please note:

  • is an acausal contract (with no risk to the user company);
  • it allows the use of a dedicated percentage of 20 percent of the workforce present in the company, in addition to the minimum 30 percent already provided for Temporary Staffing.

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Outsourcing is THE ideal SOLUTION to outsource part or all of certain processes in order to improve and optimize your business performance.

Our experts, after a careful analysis of organizational needs, will support the Company in implementing customized outsourcing service projects.

Our consultants will take care of the selection, training and organization of resources, and we will verify the results of the performance, ensuring full compliance with current procurement regulations.

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Search and Selection Service

Identifying the best profiles requires expertise and market knowledge.

LS PERMANENT is by your side to search for the best talent and grow your company.

Our Division employs professionals with many years of experience in the HR sector, able to offer a careful and in-depth analysis of the demand and the work environment with the aim of carefully selecting resources for Companies that intend to hire directly.

The tools for assessing the personality, aptitudes and professional skills of candidates are among the most reliable and innovative.

We manage selection processes with certified procedures in line with the principles of transparency and professionalism that distinguish our services and operations.

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Our training company offers companies concrete support through the identification and implementation of customized training courses.

The enhancement of human resources is fundamental for the growth of the business reality and can be achieved by including candidates and workers in training courses aimed at the acquisition of specific and transversal skills and their professional growth.

Through the help of Forma.Temp, the fund for training and income support for workers on staff leasing, LS 4.0 is able to deliver courses for:

  • Basic training
  • Vocational training
  • On-the-job training

Investing in people's training means improving their performance and acting on business objectives by increasing competitiveness and business development.

In this regard, our experts are available to find out what Interprofessional Funds are and how Companies can use them to retrain and update their staff.

LS 4.0 will take care of the entire process for the realization of the training course: from needs analysis to design, management, monitoring up to reporting and liquidation.

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